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The Community Development Commission of Mendocino County is a Public Housing Authority and the local administrator of HUD, VA, and other housing programs. We work closely with other agencies to provide an array of services including subsidized rent and low income housing. All of our efforts go into fulfilling our mission:

"To provide opportunities for decent, safe, affordable housing and a suitable living environment to low-income and moderate-income, special needs households, and communities in an effective, efficient and respectful manner."

Agency Plans

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2024 PDF
2023 PDF

Annual Reports

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2023 PDF

Board of Commissioners

  • Kathy Brigham

  • Dawn Deetz

  • Gary Mirata

  • Leslie Langslet

  • Richard Willoughby

Administration Plan

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Table of Contents PDF
1. Introduction PDF
2. Outreach to Families and Owners/Landlords PDF
3. Completion of Application – Adopted 5/19/22 PDF
4. Determination of income PDF
5. Verification Requirements PDF
6. Briefing of Families PDF
7. HQS Adopted 11/4/21 PDF
8. RFTA, execution of lease-HAP contract, rent increase, rr PDF
9. Payment Standards PDF
10. Owner-Landlord responsibility PDF
11. Payments to Owners-Landlords PDF
12. Annual and Interim Re-Certification PDF
13. VASH-dec. 2013 revisions PDF
14. Termination of Assistance PDF
15. Utility Allowances PDF
16. Portability PDF
17. Moves with Continued tenant Based Assistance PDF
18. Family Break-up PDF
19. Absence from Unit PDF
20. Admission of Live In Aide of Foster children PDF
21. Project Based Vouchers PDF
22. Program Integrity PDF
23. Informal Hearings and Reviews PDF
24. Repayment Agreement PDF
25. Administrative Fee Reserve 1 PDF
27. Mainstream PDF
28. FUP (11-2019) PDF
Glossary PDF

Employment Opportunities

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Request for Proposals

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Project Bids and Awards

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Agendas and Minutes

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9/14/23 PDF PDF BBN
9/14/23 PDF PDF
7/8/23 PDF PDF BBN
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5/25/23 PDF PDF
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2/16/23 PDF PDF
2/16/23 PDF PDF BBN
12/15/22 PDF PDF
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11/03/22 PDF PDF
11/03/22 PDF PDF BBN
9/15/22 PDF PDF
7/07/22 PDF PDF BBN
7/07/22 PDF PDF
5/19/22 PDF PDF
5/19/22 PDF PDF BBN
4/21/22 PDF PDF
2/17/22 PDF PDF
1/13/22 PDF PDF BBN
1/13/22 PDF PDF


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11/4/21 PDF PDF
9/23/21 PDF PDF
7/8/21 PDF PDF BBN
7/8/21 PDF PDF
5/27/21 PDF PDF
4/22/21 PDF PDF
3/18/21 PDF PDF
1/21/21 PDF PDF


Date Agenda Minutes Comments
10/15/20 PDF PDF BBN
10/15/20 PDF PDF
2/20/20 PDF PDF


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12/19/19 PDF PDF BBN
12/19/19 PDF PDF
11/7/19 PDF PDF
10/3/19 PDF PDF BBN
10/3/19 PDF PDF
4/25/19 PDF PDF


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12/13/18 PDF PDF BBN
12/13/18 PDF PDF
11/1/18 PDF PDF
7/12/18 PDF PDF
5/24/18 PDF PDF
2/15/18 PDF PDF


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11/28/17 PDF PDF
9/21/17 PDF PDF
7/11/17 PDF PDF
5/25/17 PDF PDF
4/27/17 PDF PDF
2/16/17 PDF PDF


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12/15/16 PDF PDF
11/3/16 PDF PDF
9/15/16 PDF PDF
6/30/16 PDF PDF
5/26/16 PDF PDF
4/21/16 PDF PDF
2/18/16 PDF PDF


Date Agenda Minutes Comments
12/17/15 PDF PDF