Landlord Incentives

Landlord incentives are available when signing a new lease with a qualified family:

  1. $500 landlord incentive for a new contract (as funds are available)
  2. Assistance with up to 2X the amount of rent (tenant pays $50)
  3. Up to $500 assistance for utility deposit or arrears
  4. Mitigation fund of up to $1000 reimbursement for tenant caused damages upon move out (as funds are available)

Please contact Danielle Wilfong at 707-463-5462 x102 for more information.

Landlord FAQs

How do I List my Available Unit?

Contact CDC with the unit information or come down to 1076 N. State St., Ukiah, CA 95482 and complete the “Available Unit” form. CDC will display it in our board out front for the public to see. Remember you should still screen and select the tenant of your choice based on your screening criteria. Danielle Wilfong: 707-463-5462 Ext: 102

How do I Get Paid?

CDC sends payments out twice a month, 1st and around the 15th of each month. If the 1st or 15th fall on a weekend or Holiday, payments will be made on the following business day. CDC also offers direct deposit for our Landlords. This information can be provided upon requesting it from CDC.

Inspections - What For? And When?

CDC sends out a trained inspector to every unit to conduct initial inspections to make sure the unit is up to California Code and qualifies for the rental assistance program. CDC then does 1-2-year inspections to makes sure the unit is in good condition and still qualifies for the rental assistance. If any repairs are needed the inspector will inform the landlord/owner of what is needed to be repaired in order for the unit to continue to receive the assistance. These inspections do not replace the inspections the landlord/owner would do for your own reasons. Landlords can request an inspection at anytime regarding the Health and safety of your tenant or concerns regarding damages to the unit by the tenant.

Can I Increase Rents?

Yes, if you need to raise the rent on an assisted unit please remember the following information:

  1. There cannot be a rent increase requested within the initial term of the lease.
  2. All rent increases must be provided to the client and CDC with a 60-day notice.
  3. CDC follows the California max increase percent for voucher participants, please refer to the maximum rent increase % listed online.
  4. If your properties are exempt from the above increase %, you must provide prove with your rent increase letter.

The new rent portions will be mailed out to the landlord and tenant with a 30-day notice for the new rent portion.

I Gave my Tenant Notice to Vacate. What Now?

ALL notices (3 day, 30, 60, 90 day) must state cause according to Section 8 regulations. The stated cause and documentation of lease violations/warnings should be provided to CDC once the tenant is service so CDC can have accurate documentation of all actions taken by the landlord/owner, this allows CDC to have a clear picture of the situation and to determine if a new voucher can be issued or not. The Housing Programs Specialist will contact the tenant/client in regards to the provided documents from the landlord/owner and move forward with the proper steps once reviewed.

I Have More Questions. Who Do I Call?

You can contact CDC at 707-463-5462 and speak with the receptionist who are trained in all of the programs CDC offers, if they cannot answer your questions they will fond someone who can or research it and get back to you.

Landlord Questions:

707-463-5462 Ext: 121 - Joelle Strain (
707-463-5462 Ext: 102 - Danielle Wilfong (

Inspection Questions:

707-463-5462 Ext: 105 - Mike Berg (
707-463-5462 Ext: 102 - Danielle Wilfong (