Landlord Appreciation

The Community Development Commission (CDC) of Mendocino County is continuously striving to build and strengthen our relationships with new and existing participating Landlords. With your help CDC is currently assisting over 1,000 Mendocino County households with rental assistance, and enriching the lives of low-income individuals and families, the elderly, homeless, veterans, and persons with disabilities.

We realize the success of our rental assistance programs is based on our partnerships with our Landlords, and without your support CDC would not be able to successfully house so many families. Thank you!

Landlord Incentives

In an effort to increase Landlord participation and retention and expand housing opportunities, CDC is offering exciting new incentives to landlords who lease to households experiencing literal homelessness and/or those that qualify under the Emergency Housing Voucher program.  These Landlord Incentives are available through our Emergency Housing Voucher program as well as through the Continuum of Care (CoC) Rapid Rehousing Grant that allows for various incentives to participating landlords, these incentives will be offered as funds are available and include:

  1. $500 Landlord incentive when a participating household leases a unit.
  2. Mitigation funds/reimbursement upon move out up to $1,000 for tenant caused damages or unpaid rent.

Additionally, funds are available to assist potential tenants. Some examples are security deposit assistance up to two times the monthly rent (tenant pays $50), application fee assistance and assistance with paying utility deposits or utility arrears.

Questions?  Please contact our Landlord Liaison, Danielle Wilfong at (707) 463-5462 x102.

Landlord FAQs

I have a vacant unit, what should I do?

Contact our Landlord Liaison, Danielle Wilfong at (707) 463-5462 Ext: 102. Chances are she can send you over some referrals. CDC can also display your listing on our board out front for the public to see. Remember, you can and should still screen and select the tenant of your choice based on your screening criteria.

When will I receive payment?

CDC makes every effort to promptly pay our Landlords. We process Landlord payments twice a month, around the beginning and middle of each month.

CDC also offers direct deposit for our Landlords. If interested complete and return the Direct Deposit form and attach a voided check.

Does CDC inspect the rental units?

Yes! CDC sends out a trained inspector to conduct initial inspections, annual inspections and, if the tenant qualifies, bi-annual inspections. These inspections are to make sure your rental unit is up to California Code and meets HUD’s Housing Quality Standards.

If any repairs are identified during the inspection CDC will inform the Landlord and the tenant of the deficiencies, who is responsible to correct the deficiencies (Landlord or tenant), and a date the deficiencies need to be corrected.

Landlords may also request a special inspection at any time for tenant caused damages or health and safety concerns.

Please be aware CDC’s inspections do not replace any Landlord inspections you would perform for your own reasons or concerns.

How do I increase the rent?

Landlords may raise the rent in accordance with California Tenant/Landlord Law and the Housing Assistance Payment contract. If you are considering raising the rent please keep the following information in mind:

  1. Rent increases may only be requested at the end of the lease term.
  2. Tenants receiving rental assistance must be served the rent increase notice at least 60 days prior to the effective date. Once the tenant is served notice, immediately forward a copy of that notice to CDC.
  3. According to California Law and Assembly Bill 1482, annual rent increases are limited to no more than 5% plus the percentage change in the cost of living for the region in which the property is located, OR 10% whichever is lower. CDC has determined the percentage change for Mendocino County. The maximum a Landlord may increase the rent in a twelve-month period is as follows:
    Rent Increases Effective June and July 2022 Maximum Increase 8.9%
    Rent Increase Effective August 2022 Maximum Increase 10%
    Through July 2023
  4. A maximum of two rent increases are permitted in any twelve-month period, for a total increase not to exceed the maximum increase stated in section 3, above.

*Some Owners are exempt from Assembly Bill 1482. If you are an exempt Owner the law states you are required to serve written notice to your tenant explaining the exemption. If you are exempt please forward a copy of the written notification you served your tenants.

We understand this is complicated. If you have any questions or concerns we are here to help, please contact us!

I served my tenant a notice to move. What now?

Any notices served to the tenant including notices to vacate should be immediately forwarded to CDC.

California Law and Assembly Bill 1482 require specific conditions in order for an Owner to terminate tenancy. CDC recommends contacting legal counsel for any legal advice if you are considering terminating the tenancy for one of your tenants.

Please provide CDC with copies of any notice to vacate you serve. The notice must include the cause for termination. If terminating tenancy because of lease violations please also include any notices/warnings you previously served to the tenant.

I have more questions. Who do I call?

We are here to help! Contact CDC directly at (707) 463-5462. Our trained receptionists can answer your questions or refer you to someone who can. Or contact any of our staff listed below.

Landlord Questions:

707-463-5462 Ext: 121 - Joelle Strain (
707-463-5462 Ext: 102 - Danielle Wilfong (

Inspection Questions:

707-463-5462 Ext: 105 - Mike Berg (
707-463-5462 Ext: 102 - Danielle Wilfong (

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