The Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly called Section 8) administers approximately 800 vouchers which is supported by a $6.0 Million award from HUD. This award total is for both Housing Assistance Payments and Administrative Fees, and includes the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program, as well as the tenant protection vouchers that were awarded after the Public Housing Disposition in 2010.

CDC’s second rental assistance program is the Tenant Based and Sponsor Based rental assistance funded under the Continuum of Care application process and Community Development side of the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This program provides rental assistance to homeless disabled persons. The program currently has 130 clients receiving rental assistance. The program provides $1.4 Million in rental assistance and administrative fees. The program receives in-kind support from case managers at various local agencies such as Ford Street Project/Ukiah Community Center, Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center, Behavioral Health and the Alcohol and Drug Program (AODP).

CDC has been awarded a total of 85 Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Vouchers. These Vouchers are for Veterans who are enrolled and receiving services from the VA clinic. The Ukiah VA office has case management responsibilities for 60 of the voucher holders, including referral responsibility. The most recent award, received two years ago, has another entity assigned to case management responsibilities. Collaboration between the housing authority and the Veterans office case management staff is responsible for this high success rate.

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