CDC manages 139 units of subsidized housing for its non-profit arm, Building Better Neighborhoods, Inc (BBN). These units were formerly Public Housing. In 2010 CDC went through a HUD approval process to “dispose” of the Public Housing units, selling them to its non-profit, BBN, Inc.

Upon approval of the disposition application, CDC applied for and received an increment of “Tenant Protection” housing choice vouchers, which were used to maintain subsidy for the households previously assisted under the public housing program.

Subsequent to the disposition approval, and award of tenant protection vouchers, CDC received an application for Project Based Vouchers from BBN, Inc. for the previous public housing units. This was approved, and all of the former public housing units now have a project based voucher attached to them, thus resulting in maintaining the affordability of these units for the community.
These units have been able to maintain an average 98% occupancy rate during the past two years.

Agency Owned and Managed Housing (Formerly Public Housing)

Glass Beach Apartments
Fort Bragg, California
15 Units of Family Housing
Completed 1998

Marlene Brookside Commons
Ukiah, California
13 Units of Family Housing
Completed 3/98

Sanderson Way Village
Fort Bragg, California
9 Units of Family Housing
Completed 4/93

Sea Cliff Apartments
Fort Bragg, California
19 Units of Family Housing
Completed 4/93

Baechtel Creek Village
Willits, California
60 Units of Housing for the Elderly
Completed 1983 

Ukiah, California
23 Units of Scattered Site family Housing